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Thursday, June 24, 2010

MI, Inc. Medical Mission VII, February, 2011

Marinduque International, Inc (MI) Seal and Logo
I just talked to Annie Miles Jalac, president of MI and she gave me the following tentative schedule for next year medical mission to Marinduque. I am posting it, so that those who wants to join the mission could mark it in their calendar. After the mission, I am trying to negotiate a group discounted rate for a 2 night 3-day vacation in Bellarocca Resort and Spa.( A minimum of 10 couples is required for this discounted rate. Once I have the official rate, I will post it in FaceBook or in this blog. If you are interested in joining this group, please let me know. Now for the tentative schedule:

February 5 ( Saturday): Orientation/Registration at Chateau Du Mer, Amoingon, Boac
February 6 ( Sunday) Mass by the Bishop Evangelista at Gasan Cathedral-Morning
Welcome Dinner by the Governor-Lupac-Evening
February 6 ( Monday) Start of Hospital Operations and Clinic in Gasan-whole Day
February 7 ( Tuesday) “ and Clinic in Buenavista-whole Day
February 8 ( Wednesday) “ and Clinic in Torrijos-Whole Day
Evening: Appreciation Dinner-Chateau Du Mer- Amoingon, Boac
February 9 ( Thursday) Hospital Operations and Clinic in Santa Cruz-Whole Day
February 10 ( Friday) “ and Clinic in Mogpog-Whole Day

February 11 ( Saturday) Whole Day Clinic in Boac
Evening- Valentine Dinner and Dance- Possible Venue- Bellarocca ( Buenavista) or Chateau Du Mer ( Boac)

February 12-14 Post Mission 2-night and 3-day Vacation to Bellarocca Resort ( under negotiation)

Marinduque International has a website ( but has not been updated to include information for this coming medical mission. However, please visit the site, since all the previous medical missions are all documented in detail including pictures and articles on this humanitarian project.

If you love Marinduque, I urge you to join us next year for this humanitarian project. As the saying goes, “ The time that you have really live, is the time that you have touch the lives of others”. If you can not personally joins us, your monetary or “in kind” donation will be welcome. Please note that part of your donation may be tax deductible, since MI, Inc is a non-profit organization registered in US. For details on your tax deduction, please consult your accountant or tax advisor.

MI, Inc next meetimg will be in Las Vegas in mid November to finalize the medical mission schedule according to Ms Miles of the Vancouver Chapter. On another note, Northern California Chapter Meeting will be on October 23 in Pittsburg, CA according to chapter president Eddie Lazarte.

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