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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Time of the Year for the Leaves to Fall-Testarossa Winery

Yesterday, I spent a couple of hours raking the leaves from my front and backyard. This reminds me that Fall is here again and at midnight is time to set your clock one hour back for the Daylight Saving Hours Program. This also reminds that tonight Macrine's niece is getting maried in Los Gatos, California. The wedding ceremony will be at the Testarosa Winery which was formerly a Novitiate and Convent. We are leaving in a couple of hours for a 3 hours drive to Cupertino. We are staying overnight at the Cypress Inn in Cupertino, not too far from the wedding venue.

Macrine's sister, the mother of the bride, came all the way from the Philippines to attend this wedding. The wedding is just a civil ceremony. A Catholic Wedding has been scheduled for this Bride in Marinduque next year, the last week of January, so the marriage will be legal in the eyes of the Catholic Church. Note that the Cupertino and Los Gatos areas of the Southern San Francisco Peninsula are where the the rich and computer yuppies reside. The average price of homes (3 BR, 2 bath) in these two towns including Palo Alto, some parts of Mountain View, Sunnyvale and Saratoga is over 1 million dollars currently. So tomorrow, I am looking forward to do some sightseeing or "slumming" in these rich neighborhoods if you compare it to our area where the average price of homes ( 3BR, 2 Bath) is only half a million dollars.
Testarossa Winery Dining and Reeption Room

Also, today as I look at my backyard window( see photo above), the beauty of the maple trees in with its yellow, orange and light red leaves falling, reminds me of the song Autumn Leaves.

There are several interpretations of this song by several musicians, but this video is one of my favorites. Moreover, the autumn scenery in the video is just mesmerizing. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons here in Northern California.

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