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Friday, August 20, 2010

Why you should Consider Retiring to the Philippines

Ten Great Reasons Why You Should Consider Retiring To The Philippines from

Here are ten great reasons to consider the Philippines as your retirement location:

Affordable – The Philippines offers a lower cost of living for those facing retirement on a limited budget and confronted by the soaring cost of living in the West.

Climate – The all year round warm temperatures (72f-95f or 20c-30c) will be a welcome change to many that dread facing another bleak and cold winter. Most will find it easier to deal with a warmer climate and increased humidity than the bone chilling cold.

Relaxed Lifestyle– The Philippines has a much slower and more relaxed pace of life compared to the ‘Rat Race’ in many western cities, plus lots of golf courses and great fishing holes.

Language – English is widely spoken and understood. There really is no need to learn the local language if you do not wish to.

Personal Safety – There are certain parts of the Philippines not recommend for foreigners but most areas are relatively safe and much safer than most US cities. There are safety considerations but most involve simple precautions and common sense. Day-to-day living is carefree.

Shopping – The Philippines has many modern shopping Malls where almost everything you would need is available. Most western foods and products are easily obtainable.

Communications – It’s easy to get the telephone connected. Mobiles are widely used and calls are relatively cheap. Broadband Internet and cable TV are readily available.

Nursing / Home Care – Those who may require additional home care, either now or in the future, can employ a full time, trained nurse at a fraction of the cost of doing so in the West.

Medical – There are many fully equipped medical facilities and highly trained specialists around the Philippines with most concentrated in the two major cites.

Dental / Optical – Getting dental work or new dentures in the Philippines is really cheap. The same goes for getting a new set of prescription glasses.

And here are four more reasons for you to put the Philippines on your must see list of retirement options:

Companionship – If you are facing retirement alone then the Philippines is a great place to find someone special to share your retirement with.

Visas – The Philippines actively promotes itself as a retirement destination and has set up a government agency called the Philippine Retirement Authority. There are a number of special visas available to prospective retirees such as the SRRV.

Housemaids – The luxury of having a full time housemaid is another big plus when considering the Philippines. For less than $50 per month you can have someone there to keep the house clean and prepare meals.

And last but by no means least, the Filipino people are:

Friendly – The Philippines embraces Western values and culture. In many other countries westerners are only tolerated but in the Philippines many genuinely like us.

Here's a music video about Manila:

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