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Monday, September 10, 2012

My Favorite Television Shows

This week and the next two weeks will be the start of the Fall Season for my favorite Television Shows. This week and next week will also be the finale of four of my favorite TV reality shows, namely, FOX-So you Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD), NBC-America Got Talent (AGT), Bachelor Pad (ABC) and Big Brother (CBS) . The finale for this season for Bachelor Pad is today, Monday, September 10. I am getting curious who will win the quarter million dollars. I enjoy this show because of the cheating, back stubbing, lying and romancing in this reality TV show. Most of the characters are without any class, but real life actors and actresses shedding tears real or imagined. Their acting is not artificial or trained but a true to life experiences.

Big Brother is another reality TV show I like because of the lying, cheating and back stubbing to win 0ne Million dollars. My favorite character this season is Ian- the kid. I also love dance, talent and singing shows, that is why SYTYCD and AGT are two of my favorite reality TV shows.

The first of my favorite reality TV show to premier this week is Survivor (PHILIPPINES),on 9/12, followed by the Voice ( NBC Singing Show) on 9/10 and 9/11, the X Factor ( competing singing show from FOX) on 9/12 and 13, Glee ( 9/13), ABC-Dancing with the Stars ( 9/17) and CBS-Amazing Race (9/30). The premier of American Idol ( singing show) for this season has not been announced since new judges have not been finalized with the exception of Mariah Carey. Three other names mentioned are Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban and Enrique Iglesias. I hope Enrique Iglesias will be one of the four new judges in American Idol. Two of my other favorite TV shows with new episodes are : Revenge and American Horror Story. If you watched television, what are you favorite show and why are you watching them. If you live in the Philippines, what are your favorite Pinoy shows? I will be delighted to hear from you.

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