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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Philippines Fashion Parade of Extravagance and Decadence

Photo Credit: Jonathan Asuncion ( Who are these politicians? I recognized the Reyeses of the Marinduque Dynasty Clan-(bottom left photo) mother and daughter political duo.

Senator Mirriam Santiago is again on the news this Week. This was in connection with the President Aquino's State of the Nation Address(SONA). I agree 100% with Santiago's point of view. There is no need to have a fashion parade of decadence and ostentation. She announced that she will file a resolution prescribing an official uniform for lawmakers attending the President's annual State of the Nation Address.

Santiago, who was not present during the SONA, said her proposal seeks to prevent a repeat of Monday's event where lawmakers "took turns displaying 'bling' clothes and jewelry."

"Our law frowns on conspicuous consumption, which I call 'the obsession to bling,' especially in the midst of acute public want," she tweeted.

The senator cited the Civil Code, Article 25: “Thoughtless extravagance in expenses for pleasure or display during a period of acute public want or emergency may be stopped by order of the courts at the instance of any government or private charitable institution.”

Santiago said that the country is suffering from “acute public want, because of a high unemployment rate of 7.5% and a high underemployment rate of 19.2%.” She added that the country also faces an emergency, because of our territorial disputes with China and Taiwan.

"The highlight of the SONA is the President. It is not like an Oscar event in Hollywood," Santiago added.

The senator failed to attend the SONA, after continuing to suffer from acute chronic fatigue. She is on medical leave from the Senate.

“I watched TV and could not stand it. The SONA event should be a serious time for the Congress to pick up policy directions indicated by the President. It should not be treated as Oscar night in Hollywood, with a red carpet, where peacocks spread their tails and turn around and around, as coached by media in a feeding frenzy,” she said in a statement.

“I was once a clueless participant in those mindless events. Don’t get me wrong. I am very proud of our local fabrics and our local designers, some of whom are world-class. But the SONA event is not the proper venue for their talents,” she added.

Santiago said clothes should merely indicate membership in Congress to separate them from those who are not members.

“The highlight of the SONA is the President. It is not the flashy women. Now the flaky men are even getting into the act. They also parade, sometimes with photogenic arm candy, into the session hall and preen like their female counterparts. Enough!” she said.

Go for it Mirriam! I am with you and I hope majority of the Filipinos will support you!

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