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Monday, December 26, 2016

I am Getting Old-My Oldest Son is 58 years Old!

Dodie ( Diosdado) and wife Ruth Carver, 2016. Photo taken from their recent tour of Europe.

I am proud to introduce to all my Blog and Facebook readers my oldest son, Dodie ( Diosdado),his wife Ruth Carver and their three children, Philip, Alix and Marina. Dodie turned 58 last October. I am feeling old, just knowing that my oldest son had turned 58 years old. Macrine and I are very proud of his accomplishments not only as a Prosecuting Attorney but also as a published author, Cloyne Court.

Dodie and Family, 2014.

The David B Katague Clan, 2015

Dodie obtained his Bachelors degree from UC Berkeley and Law Degree from UC Davis. He has more than 30 years experience as a PA (Prosecuting Attorney) for Contra Costa County, Martinez, California.

For details on Dodie's professional career visit his website:

For Reviews on his novel Cloyne Court visit:

HERE'S SOME tidbits of my three grand Children:

Philip( 24): Philip graduated with his BA from UC Santa Cruz last year. This year he flew out of the nest living on his own. He plays with his punk rock band and works part time at Zachary's pizza and at the UC Berkeley Theatre. UC Berkeley now hosts concerts.

Aix: ( 22): Alix and I have the same birthday( 12/20) and I am always 60 years older than her. She will be graduating from Cornell University next year. She was offered a well paying job at Eero here in San Francisco. Eero manufactures Wi-Fi mesh routers that extends and improves your Wi-Fi signal throughout the house by placing three Eero boxes around the house. Eero is a high-tech firm with typical perks such as a chef who prepares free lunch and dinner for their employees.

Marina ( 20): Marina is a sophomore at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo majoring in Kinesiology.

Yesterday, Dodie and his family with Ditas and Carenna give us a ride to Mountain View to celebrate Christmas with Macrine's niece, Lanie Jambalos Lazarte Chalfin and her husband Alex with their two kids, Wesley and Samantha. It was a long and hard day for Macrine but we had a grand time. The food and company was excellent. Special mention was Lanie's pot roast cooked to perfection. The above photo are some of the goodies Macrine and I received this Christmas.

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