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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sad News for the Economy and Tourism in Marinduque

The other day, I heard the bad news that Zest Air is trimming their daily service from Manila to Marinduque and back after October 28. At first I thought that by trimming, Zest Air will still revert back to their older schedule of every other day. However, today a FaceBook friend in the Marinduque Tourism business confirmed that the word trimming really meant stopping and not reducing their schedule flights. What a sad, sad and depressing news to Marinduque and its tourism business.

Is there a way that the Provincial government and its officials, as well as the office of the Congressman and of course the newly formed Marinduque Tourism Council paved the way and helped encourage other airlines to serve Marinduque? To encourage other airlines ( Air Philippines, Cebu Pacific, SEAIR and PAL) to serve Marinduque, a high priority of fixing the airport is needed immediately. I do not want to see Marinduque go back to the dark ages.

To all my Kababayans all over the world and particularly the members and officers of the newly formed Marinduque Tourism Council, let us joined hands in solving this depressing event in the history of modern Marinduque -the province known over the world as the Heart of the Philippines

Let your voices be heard so that our Provincial Officials( Governor and Congressman) place a high priority fixing Masiga Airport immediately. In doing so, it will encourage other airlines to serve Marinduque. Zest Air last flight is scheduled for October, 27, 2012. Any comments on this posting will be appreciated.

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