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Monday, September 30, 2013

Trip to the Pinoy Grocery Store-Part 3

Yesterday after church, my wife and I went to the Pinoy grocery store for Pinoy delicacies, cooked food, bangus, longonisa and other Pinoy canned goods and delicacies. As usual I had a chance to talk to the owner of the store, a pretty Pinay about the Pinoy TV drama, My Husband's Lover. She asked me what my opinion is if I were in the situation of Vincent, the lead actor. In the latest episode, Vincent has a choice between his gay lover Eric or with his two kids. As portrayed in the drama, there was an agreement with Lally ( Vince wife) AND Eric, that during the day he stays with Eric but at night he goes home to Lally and the kids. Lally will no longer object to Vince relationship with Eric as long as he goes home at night and the kids will see him in the morning. How long do you think this agreement will last?

Here's one comment from a fan of the TV drama that was published in Facebook, the other day.

1. "For the sake of the kids" is not a valid reason to stay together. Children will know and feel the non-verbal or cold treatment between the parents. Animosity is felt more than bickering and the effects of this display is very confusing to the children.

2) Children will understand if we explain in simple terms the reasons for family conflicts. Refrain from negative words that might compromise their respect to either parent.

3) Explanations given to children must be based on TRUTH. Who wants to be lied to, anyway? and last

4) Forgiving the erring spouse is the very first step to healing. Moving on is always easy when we forgive.

I agree with the above statements;

On the other hand, I have a closed relative who stayed with her kids until all of them turned 18, before she divorced her husband after 22 years of marriage, even though, she was not happy with her marriage. Did she chose the correct decision in this case? Only time will tell, but at present her adults children appeared to understand their parents separation. Meanwhile, my closed relative is doing well on her new life after the divorce.

Going back to the TV drama, what do you think will be the ending of the story? Will Vincent finally tell the truth to his kids? Let me know what you think if you are a fan of MHL.

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