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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Three More Styles of Scam Letters, I Received Recently

Last week I posted a typical scam letter in this site. In the posting, I also included a reader response to my posting on Chain Letters. My reader informed me that he received a call about from a Man in Nigeria informing him that he won $10 million dollars in a lottery and to get his winnings he has to send a $5000 processing fee from his bank account here in US. I responded that it is a scam and he should never send a single dollar or any information about his bank account.

This week, I received three more scam letters in a different style. I am posting it for your information. Have you received similar letters recently? I am posting the three letters verbatim, that is no correction of typos and grammatical errors.

Letter Number #1:
Good day!!

You are hereby informed through board of directors that since you are not capable to send the require fee to enable us deliver your check to your address noted and the board have submitted your check to ECOBANK OF GHANA to cash the check to avoid expire of your check of $2.5m US,dollars, which i kept for you, i went and deposited it with FEDEX as Consignment, so you have to contact them.

Below is the Deposit details.
Deposit Number: PLCC-101-PL45
Deposit Certificate N0.: 405576
Consignment Description: 1 Box Sensitive Photographic Film Material
Depositor: Rev David Owomah

The Directors name is ( DR.PARKIS TED)
Direct Telephone :+233 5487-30329
Email Address:

Send below information to company with consignment details above.
Your full name_________________________
Your address__________________________
Your country___________________________
Your age______________________________
Your occupation________________________
Your Phone number______________________

Note that i paid for the delivering Charges except their Security Keeping Fee of $195 USD which they said no,
because they don't know when you will contact them in case of demur-rage,
So you are to pay the $195 as soon as you contact them.

Rev.David Owomah

Letter # 2
Hello Good Day,

It is my pleasure to reach you after our unsuccessful attempt on our business transaction. Well, I just want to use this medium to thank you very much for your earlier assistance to help me in receiving the funds

Now I am very happy to inform you about my success in getting that fund transferred. I later succeeded with the help of a new partner from South Korea Margate Freda. Now I want you to contact my secretary on her email address below and receive your compensation of $850.000.00 USD Bank Atm Master Card dollars from her;
Name Mrs. Rose Martin
PHONE NUMBER +226-7493-0179

Kindly send her the following below information;
Full Name:
Telephone (Mobile/Home/Office)
Occupation and Your scanned ID
Note that if you did not send her the above information complete, she will not release the Bank Atm Master Card for you because she has to be sure that you are the rightful owner of the Atm

Remain blessed,
Mr.Ugochi Frank

Finance & Credit Account Depth,
Head of Banking & Treasury.
Letter # 3
Good Day.


I am a banker. I work in the credit and accounts Department as the Head of Banking and Treasury. This is an investment/partnership business proposal which I believe, will be of mutual benefit to both of us.

I need your co-operation to transfer the above mentioned sum of (£62,950,000.00 (Sixty Two Million Nine Hundred and Fifty Thousand British Pounds Sterling) out of United Kingdom to your account. I am confident that you will give your consideration to this proposal and response positively within a short period of time. I am available to discuss this proposal with you and to answer any questions you may have in regard to this fund.

As soon as you give your positive response to this proposal, I will not hesitate in sending you the details information of this business. This transaction is 100% RISK

If you are interested, please fill and forward me the following information as below to start the transfer process accordingly.

{1} Your Name/company's name and full address:.............
{2} Bank....................................
{3} Bank Address............................
{4} Account No:........................................
{5} Swift Code or Routing #..................................
{6} Account Holder's Name..........................
{7} Your telephone Number both Home, Office &
and fax Numbers:..................................
{8} Your Occupation:........................................

I look forward to discussing this opportunity further with you.

Mr. John McFarlane
Credit Account Depth,
Head of Banking & Treasury.
#39 Brown Road London
Tel" +447045761447.

Note: Is there a a state or federal agency that can investigate these scam letters?
Probably there is, but they have no budget or personnel to do work. These kind of fraudulent activities are very low in their priorities. So, my dear readers beware again of SCAM letters.


Anonymous said...

Since these scams originate from outside the US, this should be handled by the State Department or the CIA. You may send them copies of these possible fraud letters and they should investigate the senders of these letters. The CIA should have operatives in these West African nations who are trying to victimize citizens of the US, and bring them to justice.

The CIA may or may not do anything about this, there is no way of following up cases with them. No one ever hears the CIA admit to specific activities they undertake in foreign lands. Their main objective is to protect their operatives and assets abroad.

George Tenet

David B Katague said...

Hi George, thank you for your feedback. CIA? I doubt if they will spend some time on this fraudulent activities. They are probably too busy with activities related to terrorism and safety of US residents in US and abroad.
We could protect ourselves here by just ignoring the letters and hope no senior citizens will be tempted to their scam. Thanks again for your response!

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