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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Joke of the Week-Levels of Stress

I received this posting via the comment section from a reader in one of my blogs. I found it hilarious and I am reprinting it for your reading pleasure: Thanks, Eric for sending it.

If you haven't read this, you may want to post it. I cracked up so hard on this. Have fun.

Levels of Stress:

You pick up a beautiful girl hitchhiker. Suddenly she faints inside your car and you take her to the hospital. Now that's stressful! But at the hospital they say she is pregnant and congratulate you because you are going to be a father. You say that you are not the father, but the girl says you are. This is getting very stressful! So then... you request a DNA test to prove that you are not the father. After the tests are completed, the doctor says that you are infertile, and probably have been since birth. You are somewhat relieved... but extremely stressed!! On your way back home, you think about your 3 kids at home... NOW THAT'S STRESS!!! Eric Raurich

By Anonymous on Time for Laughs from Comedy Plus by Sandy

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