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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Racial Slurs or Terms of Endearment in the Philippines?

Are the terms "Hey, Joe"(HJ) or " My Little Brown Girl"(MLBG) racial slurs or terms of endearment(TOE)? HJ to me is not a racial slur, but MLBG is definitely very derogatory and has racial connotations.

So, to all Americans, Europeans, Australians, or Canadians and Non-Filipino Husbands, do not call your wives or girl friends "My little brown girl" as if your wife is a commodity that you have purchased or as "my Filipina", even if you meant it as an endearment. I am addressing this to all non-Filipino husbands who are married to Filipina women whether your are residing in Philippines or other parts of the world. I am also addressing this to all Men looking for Filipina wives in the Internet and other dating sites. Filipina women are known to be good wives and they must be treated with respect and dignity.

On the other hand, Hey Joe is a term of endearment to me. I grew up in the early 1940's with American GI's working along side with my DAD. Hey Joe, meant to me goodies from the food ration package that I will receive from US soldiers in the Philippines once I greeted them with those words. I really do not know the real names of most of the soldiers except for the two dental assistants that worked with my DAD every day. So, to me all American soldiers are called Joe at that time, whether the guy is white or Negro. But, I know of several American Balikbayans and Residents in the Philippines who are offended with the Hey Joe words today.

The following is a list of commomly used TOES in the Philippines. Used any or all of the following terms of endearment(TOE) to your wives, girlfriends or lovers, but never used the term "my little brwon girl" or "my Filipina".

1. Honey - or its variation such as, "Hon", "Ney", "Honeypie" or "Ni"

2. Baby - or its variation such as: "Babes", "Babie" but not baboy

3. Sweetheart - or its variation such as: "Sweet", "Swit", "Sweetie Pie", "Sweetie", "Heart", but not "Tart" .

4. Darling - or its variation: "Dahleng", "Ling".-Most common TOE all over the world

5. Cutie-Pie - I don't hear this used in the Philippines, but it is still used as a TOE here in US, mostly by younger couples.

6. Love - or its variation such as: "lovey","lab or lub", but not "labidubdubs"

7 Mom/Dad/Mama/Papa - this term is commonly used either by married couples or couples that have been together for a long time. The variations are: "Mommy", "Daddy", "Mami", "Dadi".

8.Pangga/Mahal - Pangga is what I call our youngest grand daughter. It is a contraction of the Ilongo word Palangga which means mahal or loved one.

Here's a short video on the most common tagalog TOEs.

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