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Thursday, June 30, 2011

An Unexpected and Treasured Check from My Google Adsense Account

I started blogging about two years ago with no intention of making a single dollar. I was blogging just for the fun of writing and also to advertise my small beach resort in the Philippines. After a year, I felt I run dry with topics and ideas and I almost quit blogging. However, one of my readers suggested I write on subjects closed to my heart, perhaps based on my life experiences both here in US and in the Philippines. Another reader suggested, I signed up for the Google Adsense Program.

Today, I received $128.88 from Googles. This amount covered a period of 24 months. That means I averaged about $5.37 per month. Not enough to pay just for one day of my Internet subscription, but more than enough money to inspire and keep me writing for quite some time.

Another incentive, that inspired me to continue writing in spite of some physical limitations( back and neck pains from sitting too much in front of the PC) are the positive comments from several of my readers. Here are five comments that had inspired me to write almost everyday for the last 15 months:

1. " I have been reading your various blogspots and websites for about one week now. They are all well written and great reading. What I have been reading and following intently in your blog is your life story, very interesting indeed. Please keep on writing and thanks for opening yourself up in your blogs."

2. A second reader also commented:

"I have been following your blog for quite sometime.I learned a lot about Marinduque and the Philippines. I specially enjoyed reading your childhood experiences during the Japanese-American War. Your contribution as an FDA employee to the burnt victims of the bombing in New York and the Pentagon is indeed commendable and worthy of an award. Keep writing !

3. Response to my question, why I am only earning about $5 per month from my blogs.

" There is nothing wrong with your articles, they are all great. If you are expecting to generate money from your blogs through advertising revenues, you are in the wrong business. You could sell and advertise your business in your blogs and make more money selling your own products. If you are into blogging for the love of writing and getting fabulous reader feed backs, you should continue to focus writing on topics that interest you. You can never be everything to everyone. If you try to please everyone, you will be writing articles half heartedly on topics beyond your interests. If you want to broaden the readership of your blogs, there are ways of advertising without shelling out your own money. You could get in touch with your local American, Filipino-American or Filipino newspapers and ask them to post some of your articles and plug in your blogsites. They in turn can benefit by advertising their papers in your sites. There are many other ways to get more readers, but I hate to bother you with more details".

4. A Reader Response to my Post on Delightfully Named Places in the US:

"Your posts can be very amusing, you just made my day. If you haven't heard there is a town named French Lick, Indiana, which is less thought-provoking. Have a nice day".

5. A reader comment after reading my article "Why We Love Marinduque."

WOW!! I didn't know that Marinduque is such a nice paradise on earth. Hope to visit that place someday.

So my dears readers, please continue your suggestions/comments about my blogs. I really welcome your feedback either positive or negative. Lastly if you want to help add a few dollars to my Adsense Account, feel free to click on my ADS. Cheers to All!

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