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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Slot Machines Pay Out Percentages

If you have been following my blogs you already know that my wife and I go to the Casino every other week for our entertainment. We usually play the Slots and partake the delicious and reasonably price food offerings of the buffet and other restaurants inside the Casinos. We usually take our neighbor who is also a slot enthusiast. One day my neighbor ask me if I know the pay out percentages and return to player (RTP)of the slots machines. I told her I really do not know except that the slots are run by the computers based on the Generated Random Numbers (GRN). I promise my neighbor I will do some Internet search on it and asked questions from Executives in the Casinos that we patronize here in Northern California.

My questions are: Can you gave me the percentage pay out of your slot machines?
Who manufactures the most popular slot machines in your Casino? My favorite slot machine is China Shore made by Konami? What do you know about Konami slots?

I sent this to the four Northern California Casinos including the newest one opening this week. I only received an answer from one. Here's the answer on pay out percentages and on slot machines manufacturers from one of the local casino we patronize.

1.Regarding the payback percentages or RTP of our machines, this information will not be provided by any casino here in the US. Just as with any other privately held/owned company in this country we do not share any financial, operational or revenue data.

2.Regarding payout- There is a regulation in most States that says the difference in payout percentage between the minimum and maximum bet can’t be more than 4%. That means if you’re playing a machine that allows you to bet 1 credit minimum up to 5 credits maximum the payback percentage for the one credit bet cannot be 4% less than the payback percentage for 5 credits bet. That keeps the machine manufacturers from forcing a player to bet more to get a better payback percentage. But there is very little regulation from State-to-State regarding minimum and maximum payback percentages allowed.

3. With regards to slot machines manufacturers: Most of the slot machines today have the software developed by the manufacturer that allows the casino to select from several payback percentage options. And, depending on the game, there are options from as high 97- 98% to as low as 88%. There are machines on the floor in our Casino that are set to over 98% payback. I know of other Casinos that has had game software developed specifically for them with payback percentages as low as 84%. The rule of thumb for just about every casino operator is that the more the player bets the better the payback percentage offered. That’s why someone playing a dollar game betting $5 at a time would get a better payback percentage than a player on a penny machine betting $3 at a time. That’s a generally accepted rule but I’m sure there are casino operators that don’t follow that rule.

4. As far as the gaming manufacturers, there are probably 20 – 25 different slot manufacturers in the U.S. and more around the World. We currently have machines on our floor from 15 different manufacturers most in the U.S. but with two coming from Australian owned companies and two from Japanese owned companies. Konami is just one of those. And while their machines perform well they are not the best machines on our floor. The machines from IGT make up the largest percentage of the floor. Konami would be somewhere around the 4th or 5th as far as how many machines they have on the floor in our Casino.

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